In order to give the right voice to the plight of babies born in Africa, AFRIBABY INITIATIVE floated a publication called AFRIBABY MAGAZINE, which is positioned as a tabloid for baby-friendly people. It was launched during the first AAFRIBABY exhibition in Lagos by Sir Chief (Dr.) Molade Okoya-Thomas, the Asoju-Oba of Lagos and Chairman AFRIBABY, Professor Adenike Grange, first female and former Minister of Health and Provost/CEO, Otunba Tunwase National Paediatric Centre (OTNPC), Ijebu-Ode; TPL C. K. George, Africa’s first female Town Planner, Professor Osibogun, Chief Medical Director, LUTH, represented by Dr. Afolabi Lesi, HOD, Paediatrics, LUTH, and Dr. Mrs. Kemi Oni, CEO, Multipurpose Oil.

AFRIBABY magazine seeks to complement and communicate the founding objectives of the NGO by providing ample space for all stakeholders to voice their opinion on baby-related issues, showcase all that they have done, are doing and plan to do in favour of our babies. That is why the publication regularly publishes special interviews with Pediatricians (‘babies’ doctors’), pharmacists, operators of crèches and daycare centres, administrators of orphanages, diagnosticians, and advocates of infant and maternal survival.

AFRIBABY magazine provides regular opportunities for government’s healthcare practitioners and their private sector counterparts to reach everyone who is involved in the matter of babies, one way or the other. AFRIBABY magazine started as a quarterly magazine that is planned to rise in frequency as time goes on. It is published by NEWSLETTERS LIMITED on behalf of the NGO with a starting cover price of N500 using the distribution networks of supermarkets as well as the personal delivery system of subscription.

The vision of the publication is: to be the magazine that projects babies born in Africa as active, healthy, trendy, vibrant, cute and beautiful.

The mission of the publication is: to be the first magazine of choice for baby-friendly people, companies, institutions, associations and organizations in today’s Africa.

The content of AFRIBABY magazine includes the following:
1.Page 5 Baby
2. Babies’ Doctor
3. Babies’ Pharmacist
4. Babies’ Advocate
5. Twins, Triplets, Etcetera
6. Babies’ Medicine
7. Baby-friendly Hospital
8. Babycare Journalist
9. The Diagnostician
10. The Crèche
11. Babies’ Banker
12. The Insurer

Apart from its own publication, AFRIBABY INITIATIVE reacts to issues concerning babies in Africa which are reported in local, national and international newspapers and magazines. Films, videos, and radio/TV programmes are also monitored for matters concerning babies. With these, the NGO reacts to publications and broadcasts in favour of babies and their mothers through press releases.
Also, AFRIBABY INITIATIVE, through press releases raises issues which seem to be forgotten, brings them to public domain and mobilizes support for that which is favourable to babies.