Prayer for Your Baby – Olayinka Odiboh

It does not matter who you are or what your religion is or which tongue you speak, you deserve to have a child you can call your own.

However, you cannot bring a baby into the world and nurture it alone. You need the help of people. Most importantly, you need the help of God. By that reason, we commit you and your baby into the hands of the Almighty God and pray that:

Your baby will be favoured with God's wisdom to fulfill his or her purpose in life. Yours will be a child of God's prophecy and sin will not have dominion over him or her. Where others use gimmicks and tricks, yours will be God's baby whose survival is guaranteed.

Your baby will be free from the clutches of the devil and the envy of the enemy. As you uphold God's standards, God will uphold your baby to lead his or her generation.

The birth of your baby will bring abundance; and just for your baby's sake, you will not lack, you will experience supernatural turnaround in your career, in your business, in your finances, at home and in faraway land.

Your baby shall find favour with leaders and rulers of the world and laughter shall never cease in your abode. Each time your baby is immunized, he or she will be immune to evil doers, kidnappers, thieves and baby racketeers. Any witch, wizard, witch-doctor or occultic agent who looks in your baby's direction or plots against your baby or seeks to breast-feed your baby shall run out of business and stay out of business permanently. The birth of babies marks the beginning of change and yours shall be the agent of positive change that the world will be waiting for.

The statistics of infant mortality is high on our part of the world; your baby will not be part of that statistic. Perhaps you are waiting on the Lord for a baby; perhaps you have lost a baby; we pray that you shall not wait in vain and soon, very soon, your baby shall arrive through the Grace and Mighty power of the Most High. The arrival of your baby shall make heads turn and make the wait worth it. In the end, you will be happy and your joy shall not cease.

Any form of sickness that is worrying your baby, at this point in time, is hereby commanded to leave right now. Because your baby is the special gift from God, sickness shall not rule his or her life; rather, your baby shall have dominion over sickness, by the power of the living God. You are blessed. Your baby is blessed. IJN Amen.

Mrs. Olayinka Odiboh is the Executive Director, AFRIBABY INITIAIVE

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