Arm-chopped Baby Succeeds In Surgery


Baby Etimbuk whose right arm was cut off by his half-brother, Nathaniel John, has successfully undergone a stump refashioning surgery.

The surgery which lasted about five hours realigned the veins and subsequent areas that could cause injury or pains to him were removed at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.


Etimbuk's mother. Mrs. Enobong John, who said she was short of words, thanked all Nigerians who stood by her and helped save her baby. "God bless them all," she simply said.

The Executive Director of Uyailban Akwa Ibom (a ministry dedicated to the helping of children), Mrs. Favour Onobo, said the mother and child would remain in hospital for a long time as they would have to wait until the wound was healed.

She explained that apart from the N100,000 which the organization (through the help of the public) paid for the surgery, money was still needed to buy drugs and feed the baby and her mother.

Onobo, however, expressed her profound gratitude to those who assisted in paying the medical bills.

She said, "I know without you, it wouldn't have been possible to give the boy a new life. I pray that the almighty God will reward you all abundantly. We trust God to see him through this critical period of his medication."

Nathaniel, 27 years old, had on September 27,  2011, cut off Etimbuk's arm while the baby's mother was in the kitchen doing some chores. Although Enobong hinted that Nathaniel could be suffering from mental illness due to his antecedents, the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Onyeka Orji, who described the act as a "serious criminal act" said a thorough investigation would be carried out to determine the mental state of the accused person.

Credit: Etim Ekpimah, The Punch


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