Nannies Training (Visit "afribaby initiative" on FACEBOOK for more.....) Nannies’ TrainingWe recognize the importance of Nannies as Caregivers for babies of career mothers and single parents especially in cities and commercial towns. There are many Nannies in Orphanages, Centres for Physically Challenged Babies, Daycare Centres, Creches, homes and hospitals; but they are largely untrained for the job. Therefore, we introduced, for the first time in Nigeria and probably Africa, the training of Nannies on the basic and modern methods for handling the babies in their care. The objective of this initiative is to update and upgrade the knowledge and practice of baby-care with respect to nutrition, timely feeding, tenderness, hygiene and early education. All the Orphanages whose Nannies attended this training were sponsored and therefore received the training and the total package, free of charge. Our Nannies’ Training programme is well-received, indicating the need for a flexible, all-embracing training schedule for Nannies. It was approved that the training be extended beyond the Exhibition into an academy of learning that will ultimately professionalize and modernize the career in Nigeria for the ultimate benefit of our babies. Thus, we have established an academy for the continuous training of Nannies.