About Afribaby Initiative

AFRIBABY (AFRICAN INTERNATIONAL BABYCARE) INITIATIVE is a registered NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATION that is concerned about all that has to do with babycare and mothercare with reference to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 & 5, 2015.

We are assisting the United Nations, World Health Organization and Governments at all levels to achieve these goals through the  provision of new opportunities for infant and maternal survival and creating unique avenues for all stakeholders on infant matters to meet regularly in order to continuously chart a rewarding path to corporate, social and healthcare development in African countries.

1. To promote everything that is connected with baby-care, and strengthen the interconnectivity between medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic outfits, social groups, philanthropic organizations, businesses, educational institutions, manufacturers, marketers and other specialists that are focused on baby matters.

2. To raise public awareness about the challenges of baby delivery, care-giving, infant upbringing and family planning throughout Nigeria and Africa.

3. To bridge the communication gap between the government, the people and the private sector concerning baby-care, the activities of motherless babies' homes, orphanages and the physically challenged babies.

4. To advocate for the safety and security of babies in the face of stealing, swapping and trafficking in several parts of Nigeria and Africa.

5. To counter the misrepresentation of African babies in foreign media and truly project our babies as healthy, vibrant, cute, active and beautiful.

1. To provide regularly, the platform of SYMPOSIA for all stakeholders to discuss and reach workable solutions to the challenges confronting our babies, especially the issues of infant and maternal mortality, poverty, undernourishment and malnutrition.

2. To build new relationships and sustain existing ones between users and providers of baby-care products and services through EXHIBITIONS which are regular and fairly representative of the geographical sections of Nigeria and Africa.

3. To advocate for the professionalization and standardization of the career of care-giving in Crèches, Orphanages, Daycare Centres and private homes, to the best advantage of our babies.

4. To provide a vocal voice for our babies and baby-friendly people, organizations, institutions and businesses through the electronic and print media.

5. To advocate for excellence in baby-care through recognition and reward.

6. To support exclusive breast-feeding of babies through campaigns and collaborations.

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